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About Trident Processes LLC

Trident is a leading provider of nutrient recovery and bedding recovery technologies, liquid-solid separation equipment like screw presses or rotary screen conditioner, manure handling equipment such as pumps, and advanced automation packages for waste related processes on dairy farms.


About Trident:

Trident is an integrated resource recovery company with proprietary technologies for processing livestock waste in agriculture, as well as wastewater and sludge in the industrial and municipal sector. As the go-to expert in integrated nutrient and bedding recovery applications for dairy operations, Trident provides its customers an award-winning technology that processes their waste streams into valuable components like water, concentrated nutrients and fiber, resulting in multiple operational and financial benefits for the user. Our systems have been successfully installed on a number of farms across North America, ranging in size from 250 cows to over 15,000 cows, and operating with or without anaerobic digester. What is referred to as ‘Cold Process’ allows farmers to process pre-conditioned, undigested manure with the Trident system. At the 2016 EPA Nutrient Recycling Challenge Trident’s system was selected as one of the top technologies, and in November 2017 Trident received the prestigious Canadian Business Excellence Award. 

Trident utilizes mechanical and chemical components as well as PLC automation that is individually designed for each project, and allows seamless operation and remote diagnostic. Projects are planned and implemented with focus on value and economic feasibility.


Trident solutions include:

Nutrient Recovery: The system recovers nutrients from manure and converts them into valuable commodities that are ready to be used or further processed on-farm (e.g. nutrient rich cake for precision land application) or off-farm (e.g. granule fertilizer).

Fiber Recovery: Technology that recovers large fiber from dairy manure and makes them available for reuse as premium quality bedding.

Water Recovery: Trident’s solid-liquid separation technology allows the recovery and reuse of clean effluent liquid for irrigation purposes or as operational water. 

Solids Removal: Efficient lagoon management can be challenging. Trident's technology removes the solids from the effluent water and drastically reduces the lagoon management costs.

Manure Handling Equipment: solid liquid separator, screw press, multi disc press, metering auger, manure pumps, PLC automation, electrical control systems, dissolved air floatation DAF, sludge dewatering equipment (designed centrifuge and belt press replacement), custom designed polymer and polymer hydration equipment. 


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