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About Datatech

Here's some of what are clients are saying about Datatech Ag accounting, payroll, sales and inventory traceability solutions...

"If agriculture is your business, I couldn’t imagine you not using The Farmer's Office from Datatech. I just don’t think any other program out there would do, what you need it to do. And rather than learn the hard way, just get it and you’ll see the possibilities that it can do for you." Melissa Haws, AP/AR Manager, Silver Springs LLC  

"The HR module is spectacular, it’s wonderful! It helps track the injuries, the worker's comp, the health insurance, the EEO-1 we have to do. You name it, the HR module is gathering the data we need, to make those reports in a one, two, three, click manor. Instead of a four or five hour operation from pulling information from other reports." Barbara Ito, Ag Accountant, Five Star Bookkeeping

Since 1980, Datatech continues to be dedicated to saving you time and providing our clients a platform for greater profitability. We're designed for farmers, labor contractors and fresh produce packing and shipping operations. The industry doesn't rest and neither do we. Using a 'cookie cutter' approach to ag accounting, payroll, sales and produce inventory traceability doesn't work anymore. You're most likely finding that out. Our programming department is constantly seeking ways to help in the industry with the latest technology and systems that save you time while staying current with changing industry requirements.

The benefit to you? Clients tell us that their lives our easier due to our suite of Ag software products including powerful cost-accounting features, cutting edge payroll for minimum wages, rest & recovery pay, piece rate & sick pay calculations, real-time sales and inventory accounting for today's traceability solutions.

SPECIAL OFFER: Prospects who initiate buying at the Expo and then finalize their purchase of Datatech software by 2.28.18 will receive $500 off their quote.

See client videos here.

"Datatech turned out to be the greatest business decision we’ve made, to date. It really gave us the backbone, software wise, to grow. And to not inhibit ourselves by using inferior software…there’s no other way to say it.-Tony Randles, Grower/Farm Labor Contractor, Hall Management

“…efficiency, cost effective, stress free, time saving. With Datatech, it’s like being freed from prison! ...It made it so much easier for the sales department to see what they have and to plan out for the future. To see what we’re getting in today and to know that it was accurate, to know that the pallet tags were in there. That was a huge difference right there.” - Cindy Kramer, Office Manager, Farmex and Sundance Orchards

It’s all about your data and Datatech helps our clients make the right call. See the latest here.


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