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9th Ave N & Pinkie Rd
PO Box 26011
Regina, Saskatchewan S4R 8R7

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About O&T Farms Ltd.

O&T Farms brings LinPRO-R to the World Ag Expo. LinPRO-R is a supplemental Omega-3 feed ingredient for dairy cows made by dry extruding several ingredients including flaxseed, alfalfa and peas. LinPRO-R is verified as having non-GMO ingredients and is also offered as Organic if required (grass-fed applications). What makes LinPRO-R unique is that it is an easy-to-use, stable source of land-based Omega-3's that can be added to a dairy cow's diet to provide a rumen-protected source of these essential Omega-3 fatty acids.  The Omega-3 fat (derived from the flaxseed) once past the rumen, helps support positive immune functions and specifically will enhance conception rates, improve milk production, while maintaining fat and protein levels in the milk. The future of both animal and human nutrition continues to evolve with Omega-3's playing a pivotal role. Think about the opportunity for grass fed Organic application.

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